3 Easy Steps to an Awesome Yard

We are in the midst of summer now and you just walked outside and realized your yard is an absolute disaster. Yeah we have all been there. Time gets away from us and the last thing that we think about is the yard. Sometimes taking care of the yard can feel like an overwhelming tasks.

So you procrastinate and procrastinate and then before you know it you have knee high grass or bushes bigger than your house. The reality is that like most things in life by procrastinating and not taking care of it you will just make it harder on yourself. So don’t wait any longer to get the yard under control.

wild grass

Ok so you are now thinking, I can do this. Then you look at the yard again and your like I don’t even know where to begin. Do not fret you can tackle this monstrosity. So where should you start, what needs to be done first?


Simply mowing the grass on a weekly basis is the single best thing and fastest way to get your yard under control. Either hire someone or schedule time for you to do it yourself. YOU HAVE TO MOW THE GRASS!!! It is not going to cut itself. When you mow you have to trim every time. I know it’s not fun sometimes, but by simply trimming you have just made your yard look amazing.

Clean up

You got the yard mowed now you have to start tackling the garden beds and other wild messes that may be in your yard. I would suggest starting with the smallest bed or section and work your way up. The clean up stage consist of getting rid of the weeds, debris, and dead plants. You will also need to trim the bushes. If you don’t know how to do this I would suggest hiring a professional or taking the time to learn. This part of the game is going to take a lot more initial time, but if you do a 30 min weekly check thereafter it will stay awesome!


If you have a garden make sure it is defined. Mulching your garden beds will make your yard look 10 times better than it did before. Check out this blog post for even more of the benefits of mulch. Why Use Mulch?

See it really is not as challenging as you thought. Simply Mow, Clean Up, Mulch and your yard will look amazing. Not to mention it will increase the value of your home and make your neighbors happy too. No one likes an unsightly yard. If you still feel stumped by your yard and need some help. We are here for you. Ask us a Question.

Now don’t forget the three things you need to do: Mow, Clean Up, and Mulch.

What do you need to do to get your yard looking amazing?

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What’s Wrong With Your Yard?

We have been posting tips and ideas on here for the last couple of weeks now. I hope what we have posted is helping. I wanted to pause from our regular post to make sure we are truly helping you.

Before            After






Our mission is to help you create your own outdoor space that inspires.

We want to do this by providing you with ideas, tips, how-to’s and everything yard worthy!

So what is a burning question you have about your yard? What are you wanting to improve? What is wrong with your yard?

We are here to help you so let us know in the comments below what we can do to help your outdoor space become a place of inspiration.

Why Use Mulch?

There is more to mulch than you may think. It is so important to the growth and health of your garden. Applying it to your landscape or flower bed at least once a year can help your garden in a number of ways.


The Benefits

Weed Free – applying mulch to your landscape or flower bed will help prevent weeds from germinating. Not every weed is going to be stopped, but it will deter most of them from growing. This means you will not be constantly pulling weeds throughout the season.

Drought Resistant – mulch can help flower beds retain water longer than an un-mulched flower bed. Which means you can water less.

Healthier – mulch provides important nutrients to the soil. Helping your plants grow big and strong. It also helps deter pests.

As you can see mulch is so important to your garden. Not to mention adding mulch adds curb appeal and ensures a beautiful garden all season. Help your garden stay healthy, weed free and be the talk of the neighborhood by applying mulch to your landscape.

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What do you need to do to your yard to make it a yard that inspires?

Spring Checklist


So happy to say that winter is finally coming to a close! Now that spring is here it is time to get your yard in shape for a great season. So where should you begin?

There is so much to do to get the yard ready for lawn season it is easy to forget what all needs to be done. To ensure that my yard and home is ready to go I use a checklist. Here is an excel document that you can download to use the checklist I use Spring Checklist.

Spring Checklist

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Knock Out Those Roses

I don’t know if you noticed, but spring is quickly approaching. It is time to be ready to tackle some yard work. Let’s start out by focusing on the knock out rose. It is one of the most popular roses out there and is most likely in your garden.

Knock Out Rose

Knock Out Rose

This is a picture of a fully matured knock out rose that I took last year. It is huge and overgrown. It is considered mature because it is over 4ft high and wide. This one is at least a foot over that. Time and time again I see knock outs that are way overgrown and out of control. When it is taller than you it is way to big. Don’t let your knock out get that crazy.

So how do we keep these beasts under control? The most important key to keeping knock outs under control is the pruning that needs to be done in early spring.

If your knock out is of maturity you will need to prune it way back at this time. I recommend you prune it one to two feet smaller than the size you are wanting them to be the rest of the season. Do not be afraid to do quite a bit of pruning. It is going to grow! I would say however to not take off more than half it’s size at one time.

You want your knock out to grow big, strong and beautiful right? Right! When you are pruning pay attention to height and width. You want to make sure the bush is even and of good shape. You will want to prune the interior as well, cutting away overlapping canes (stems) and creating openness within. This will help in promoting growth and prevent disease, creating a strong and healthy rose bush.

Now go get your Knock Out Rose looking beautiful and healthy. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section below.

Turn Your Dream Yard into Reality

Spring is such an amazing time of year. Blooming flowers everywhere, better weather and all around growth. It is a season of new beginnings! This is especially true when it comes to your yard. The bad part is with our busy schedules and hectic lives it becomes a chore and is simply forgotten. Then comes April and May with the yard still in the same sorry shape. Let’s change that and make this spring the one to remember.

The most important part to a successful yard, this spring, and throughout the rest of the year is planning, planning, planning. Without a solid plan for your yard it is going to be a season of let’s plant this and that, waste hard earned money, and get an ok result. Don’t let that happen to you. Create a yard plan that will keep your yard a success year after year.

Steps to a solid yard plan:

Step 1: The Idea

What do you imagine your yard looking like? Are you going for an english countryside look, a zen like feel, or are you thinking more traditional. Think as big or as small as you want. Your yard has endless possibilities. You may even want to explore Pinterest for ideas. Be sure to make notes of your ideas.

Step 2: Get Real

So now you have an idea of what you want your yard to look like. Let’s make it happen. To get the most out of your yard and your idea it needs to be drawn out on paper. It needs to be like a blueprint, but for your yard. You can either do just a simple sketch, hire a designer, or for the more artistic individual, draw a blueprint yourself. It is important that this plan be what you want your yard to look like 5 years from now. Be creative. It should be a space that inspires you.

Step 3: Timing

Sweet!!! You have a solid idea and blueprint for what its going to look like. Now it is time to plan out when this idea is going to be reality. The truth is landscapes and yards can be expensive, especially when you try to do everything at once. If you have the money or time to get it all done at once, do it! For most though, it is going to be a process that takes months or maybe even a couple years. You can’t rush your dream yard. Go at a pace you and your wallet are comfortable with and enjoy the process.

Take your blueprint and section it off in phases. Give brief detail to each phase including cost and time to complete. Take each phase and number it from most important to least important. This is how you will decide what to complete first. Now create a goal date for each phase beginning with the one that is most important. This date will be based on cost and if your doing it yourself, the time. Put it on your calendar and in your budget.

Step 4: Maintain

Even before you begin adding new editions to your yard, you have to maintain what is there. Make sure the lawn and landscape is clean of debris and looks good. You need to have a good fertilization plan for the grass and a maintenance schedule for trimming existing plants, watering, and mowing the grass. Maintaining your yard is so important to making sure your dream becomes a reality.

Step 5: Hard Work

Now its time to begin seeing your idea come to life. Starting with phase 1 begin working on your yard. You might see things that you want to change and that is ok. Just make sure it fits in with your overall plan. Keep working, phase after phase!

Step 6 : Enjoy

Your dream is already becoming a reality and I am sure you are already enjoying the fruits of your labor. Yes! The fruits of your labor. There will be rough patches, but be sure to keep in mind your end goal. The end goal of your own personal oasis. Mmm, yes, visualize the relaxation. Feel the sun beams on your face as you lounge in your new furniture. As you close your eyes, you can smell the sweet scent of flowers and hear the calming trickle of that beautiful new water feature. Then, you take it all in with an ice cold lemonade or sweet tea. This is in your reach! Remember we are always here to answer your questions. Be inspired!

What’s your dream yard?